Tips for best performance of “blue screening” in program



-     Turn off automatic camera adjustments for exposure, light and white balance for a better background detection. Use "fixed blue screen” setting in VideoSkin.Net.

Drivers for modern cameras and packaged software, like Logitech QuickCam, always try to adjust the picture by controlling the brightness, shadows and white balance settings. This could dramatically influence the ability of VideoSkin.Net to determine a background.


Try to:

  1. Quit programs like QuickCam, turn off auto exposure and white balance
  2. Use “fixed blue screen” setting in VideoSkin.Net
  3. Reset background without your figure on the image (Program will give you 4 seconds to step out of the camera view).



Note: If the skin you are using
doesn’t have a movie or an image for a background, there is no need to do all the above.
-     Keep the camera stable
VideoSkin.Net program use intelligent algorithms to find edges of your figure for “blue screening”. The program tries to “remember” the background behind you. If the camera is moving, the image is continuously changing which makes it impossible to determine a background and to apply the effect.

-   Avoid moving objects

 Moving objects like a fan, pets or a live tv picture will make VideoSkin.Net hard to distinguish between a foreground or background.
-   Avoid windows and other sources of changing light in the background

-   Best results will occur if your figure is in contrast to the background (i.e.: light color shirt against a dark wall).

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