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Old analog TV

The skin emulates the view of old granny analog TV picture. TV grids suddenly appear for several seconds and disappear. Light rounded barrel frame makes video look like in old television tube.

Rating: (1106 downloads)

Inside the Old Clock

Chat from inside the clock as the hour strikes. Amaze your friends as the gold wheels turn. Chat and explore with the old grandpa's clock.

Rating: (874 downloads)

Steampunk frame

Alternative world - world of steam technologies. Steam instead of electricity, rusted pipes instead of power cables, gears - no CPUs. This animated frame surrounds you with all attributes of victorian...

Rating: (10 downloads)

Emo frame

Emo. Bring your emotions with you to web chat. Customize video call in emotional way. You can get this skin for free. Please see my topic in forum

Rating: (9 downloads)


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