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Fishtank for Pirates

Every respectable dead pirate should have this fish tank. Dead fish for real pirates. Animated overlaying effects.

Rating: (1541 downloads)

Steampunk frame

Alternative world - world of steam technologies. Steam instead of electricity, rusted pipes instead of power cables, gears - no CPUs. This animated frame surrounds you with all attributes of victorian...

Rating: (10 downloads)

Vector art

Animated frame. This video frame for your webcam will surround you with vector-style vivid floral patterns. Exclusively stylish ornament for your webchat view. Morden look for video calls.

Rating: (2813 downloads)

Matrix letters

The matrix surrounds you. This skin has a little difference from the one you've got with the program - it is transparent. The letters are falling in front of you and behind.

Rating: (3617 downloads)

Autumn leaf fall

Photorealistic leaf fall. Leafs are falling in front of and behind you and creating very naturally looking effect. Try it

Rating: (1135 downloads)

Old analog TV

The skin emulates the view of old granny analog TV picture. TV grids suddenly appear for several seconds and disappear. Light rounded barrel frame makes video look like in old television tube.

Rating: (1150 downloads)

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