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To start using video effects in your favourite video chat  programs (eg Skype, Camfrog, Paltalk etc.) Choose the Virtual VideoSkin cam as a webcam in these applications. Here are some examples on how to do this in Skype and Camfrog.

Note: Current version of does not support Window Vista. Sorry. We are working on this issue.

Note: The process of replacing the background for the stream video using "blue screen" technology is very cpu-intensive. In most cases you don't need all the potential of the CPU and it stands idle. So the high usage of CPU by program will not affect anything.

To change the videoskin click the side button to open the side panel and then choose the skin you like from our skin gallery, download and install it by clicking Import Skin


Sliding panel for applying video effects

For more accurate settings for applying of skins with background please read those tips.

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