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Most features of VideoSkin.net are well commented by pop-up balloon tips.


General information

VideoSkin.net program gives the user a virtual web camera which takes the image from a real web camera and after applying some video effects, like a frame flash movie or animated background, the user can use the virtual VideoSkin.net camera as a video source for different video-chat programs.

Main window VideoSkin.Net

To Start using VideoSkin.net program.

  • Start the video session with your friend


To apply video effects

  • Download zip archive with a skin you like from skin page
  • Install it using Install Skin button in the side panel
  • Choose it from the list of installed skins to apply
  • If the skin has a background ("Blue screening"), press the Reset Background button and leave the filmed area to allow VideoSkin.Net program to make a snapshot of background. You will have 5 seconds to leave the area.
  • Learn more on how to make VideoSkin.net accurately replace the background.

Apply video effects


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