Flash files requirements to be used with VideoSkin.net software

If you are familiar with flash animation you can use VideoSkin.net program  to add almost any effect  to you webcam video.

 The unique feature of VideoSkin.net software that it allows you to put the flash animation on different layers

So technically the skin is simply a set of flash animations or just images which you put to different layers of video and save this set as skin (read here how to save skin)

Flash movie requirements:

  • 1. Size of flash movie
    minimum 320 by 240 pixels (this is the actual size of webcam video)
    recommended 640 by 480 pixels for your convenient and compatibility with future versions. Practically it is easier to animate in this size.
    It does make no difference which size is movie if it is 320 by 240 or bigger and 4 by 3 ration.

    Note: we are planning to add support of 640 by 480 video in future versions, currently only Skype is supporting this so called "High Quality Video", but Skype supports it only "if you have a dual core processor PC and a fast broadband connection" (from Skype official site).
  • 2. The swf file should be compiled to be compatible with Flash player version 7
    To setup this in Adobe Flash. Go to Document properties tab -> publish settings -> in the publish settings window  click tab Flash -> choose Flash Player 7 from the version drop-down menu.
  • 3. Size of swf file doesn't really matter as the Flash is opened by the VideoSkin.net software locally

Adobe Flash settings for skin creating

Good luck with skin creating

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