Evolution of customizing - from caveman to video chatting

 The history of mankind shows that the humans were always trending towards customizing everything in their environment. The cavemen started painting their caves, possibly to make it look different, to make it characterizing them. Pharaohs were very serious about tuning and moding their after-death look. Baroque time brought very vivid colors in man life (of cause not for everybody). Tattoo and make-up are occupying human minds for many centuries. What is it? Is it the necessity or wasting the time? In fact it is the human nature.

The modern world gives you hundreds of opportunities to customize almost everything around you, you buy a car - you tune it. You buy a pc - you mode it, change it’s skin (case). You take a phone - you choose a skin for it, you customize the picture on the screen and melody. It is so natural that we all want to look different from the others and to have something different from what our friends have.

What about software? Oh yeah... there are millions of programs that support skins, and there is nothing surprising in this fact. You can tune the colors, the appearance, buttons’ size etc., almost everything.

Modern world and computers change one more basic thing in our life -  the way we communicate with each over. Hundred years ago you had to pay a personal visit to your friend if you wanted to ask him “How are you?” or you could write a letter and wait for a week or so to find out if  he was fine, at least he was fine the week before. Now the technologies that were thought to be a science fiction not long ago  surround us in our everyday life. We call each over and chat, we IM each over and send emails that travel within seconds.

Now the new technology busts into our lives! This is video chatting and video calls. It is now so easy to make a video call and it is even cheaper than making landline or mobile call, it costs you nothing. You just need a pc, a webcam and one of software phones(e.g Skype, Paltalk Scene, ooVoo etc.) which supports video call function or gives you access to video chat rooms.

There is another way to be unique. You can customize the stream video that you transmit to your friends during video call or video chat.

VideoSkin.net program gives you an easy to use tool to apply flash animated video effects over your video. You can replace the background (same as TV “blue screen”) and/or overlie an animated frame on a stream video from your webcam. You may place yourself in almost every environment, in a spooky castle or in a glamour room, whatever you like. Flash is widely used and very popular, there are thousands of flash designers. If you are familiar with flash design, you can make absolutely any kind of skin with this technology, whatever you can imagine.

Make your own wonderland.


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