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VideoSkin.Net v1.4 is a unique software that allows the user to add a Flash® animated backdrops that will enhance a webcam experience. Through a simple process, Flash® animations can be applied to be a foreground or background. Compatible with almost all video-chatting software including Skype, CAMFROG®, Paltalk Scene, ICQ® and others

  • Replaces background with Fash® animation or image
  • Applies animation over image as a foreground
  • Make frames or semi-transparent effects
  • VideoSkin.Net enables the user to launch all of the visual effects in other software ( Skype, Paltalk Scene, CAMFROG® and etc.)
  • Replaces your figure with an image or an animation
  • Compatible with most webcams and Windows XP and 2000

VideoSkindotnet program

To start using video effects:

- Download VideoSkin.Net and install
- Choose a videoskin
- Launch the video call application (e.g. Skype, Yahoo®, Paltalk Scene, ICQ® or other)
- Select VideoSkin.Net camera as the source.

Note: The process of replacing the background for the stream video using "blue screen" technology is very cpu-intensive. In most cases you don't need all the potential of the CPU and it stands idle. So the high usage of CPU by program will not affect anything.

Visit our support page or join the VideoSkin.Net forum to ask a question.


System Requirements

  • Intel® Pentium® IV or equivalent processor (1.8 GHz and higher)
  • Microsoft ® Windows XP or 2000
  • 256MB of RAM
  • Adobel® Flash® Player 9

VideoSkin.Net 100% Clean
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How it works?

VideoSkin.Net splits an image into three layers and applies a flash animation or image to a single or multiple layers.

Foreground layer

If you replace the foreground with a flash movie it will appear over the image from the camera. It could be a frame or some object (like the spiders in one of our movies). Please keep in mind that if there is a transparent area in the animation or image (image should be PNG), it will completely cover the image from the camera.

Background layer:

The intellectual algorithm finds and separates the background and your figure and replaces the background with an image or animation, no different to blue screen technology that film makers utilize.

Skin layer:

Similar to the background layer with the only difference being that the animation is replaced with your figure.

Have fun!!!

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